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Summer Breeze Scented Candle (9oz)

Summer Breeze Scented Candle (9oz)

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When it comes to candles, everyone has their own favorite fragrance. For most people, the smell of fresh linen or candles burning with a soft fragrance that is a reminder of the summer breeze is what they associate with candlelight.

Our Scented Candle is made from all-natural ingredients, and it gives off a lovely aroma that will make any space feel serene and inviting.

Key Features

1. Made from a 100% natural soy wax blend, 100% cotton wick, and a glass jar.
2. Packed with an immersive combination of cotton blossom and lemon that gives way to a heart of crisp linen, reminding you of the summer breeze.
3. Has a capacity of 9 ounces.

Why did we choose

Soy Wax:
1. Natural, renewable, and vegan derived from the soybean.
2. Can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.
3. Will burn slower and longer than paraffin candles.
4. Non-toxic and cleaner-burning.

Clean Cotton Scent:
Gentle yet soothing, with just enough complexity to keep things interesting without overpowering your senses.

How to use

Scented candles are a warm, relaxing way to incorporate aromatherapy into your yoga practice. The right scent energizes a Vinyasa flow, relaxes a restorative practice, and centers you when you're feeling unbalanced.

Care Information

For the first burn, you should allow your candle to burn long enough for the wax at the edge to melt so as to not waste the wax. Trim the wick before next burning.

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