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Hi there! We’d love for you to join us for our HealGrow Yoga Challenges! We sponsor one yoga challenge every month that focus on improving mental well-being and promoting self care with the help of yoga.

Participate to get HEAL & GROW gift cards, build your community, and much more! Follow us on Instagram to get all details.

Research has shown that regular yoga practice can help to reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and increase focus and concentration. But if you're new to yoga, how to make sure that you get the most out of your practice? We bring you the #HealGrowMentalWellness challenge with a pose lineup that is gentle for both mind and body.

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Since February is #BoostSelfEsteemMonth, let’s boost ourselves by boosting each other up. We bring you the #HealGrowSelfEsteem challenge to encourage more kindness for the self among your friends, family, and community.

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