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Half Yoga Socks

Half Yoga Socks

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Want extra feet and ankle protection?

With anti-skid silicon nobs, our Half Yoga Socks are the best choice for an eco-friendly and slip-free practice. Their grippy surface provides comfortable arch support and ankle protection for your everyday yoga practice (with or without a mat). 

    Key Features

    1. Lightweight and breathable.
    2. Anti-perspiration and anti-slip surface.
    3. Made from high-quality cotton and silicon to protect you and our planet.
    4. Half-Toed design for comfortable and flexible arch support.
    5. Travel-friendly. Allows you to practice with or without a mat.
    6. Offers ankle protection.
    7. Odor resistant.

    Why did we choose

    Half Socks:
    1. Provides extra traction between feet and the mat or ground, especially if the feet are sweaty.
    2. Allows yoga practice to feel more comfortable when practicing without a mat.
    3. Supports the ankles through ergonomic design, and reminders to distribute the weight evenly.
    4. Open toes offers more flexibility and mobility.

    How to use

    During Yoga:
    For flexible toe movement, wear the half socks when your feet start sweating and slipping, if you want extra ankle support, and/or when you don't have a yoga mat with you.

    Care Information

    Wash the socks under running water with mild soap. You can also machine wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Yordanka Naydenova
    Good quality but too tight for me

    I wear shoes 40-41 size and didn’t think about when the socks were one size that they might be too small. Besides that, it seems like a decent-quality product. Non-slippery, and toes are spreading. Amazing. I can still put them on and wear them but is too tight. If you have a big foot, consider a different product.

    Emilia McKenzie

    Great product.

    Agustin Hegmann

    I like them. The fabric is soft, very comfortable. The very cute colors. As described.

    Aniya Wolf

    Good quality, functional, suitable for size 41 despite being one size fits all. Has reached the Canary Islands quickly

    Alexa Toy

    they could have cut the holes for the fingers a bit more widely 😅