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On the Go Sport Bottle (1L)

On the Go Sport Bottle (1L)

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We know that hydration is important before, during, and after yoga. Our Zero Waste Insulated Water Bottle ensures you stay hydrated no matter what you're doing or how long you're practicing.

Made from stainless steel, our bottle is both stylish and eco-friendly. The double walls to keep your iced tea hot and coffee cold for 8 to 12 hours make this bottle a gold standard for your on the go routine.

Key Features

1. Removable lid with straw.
2. BPA and lead Free.
3. Stainless steel double-wall construction.
4. Vacuum insulated for 2x cold and heat retention compared to glass or plastic containers.
5. Removable lid has an easy flip top with interior straw for convenience.
6. Soft rubber holder along with textured sweat-free powdercoat.

Why did we choose

Stainless Steel:
1. Great long-term investments.
2. Free of chemicals.
3. Keeps your water pure.
4. Requires fewer resources and less energy.
5. Doesn’t retain flavors.
6. Keeps your water hot or cold much longer.

How to use

Drink directly from the mouth of the water bottle.

Care Information

Hand Wash Only. DO NOT Microwave.

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