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Mandala Yoga Mat (4-6mm)

Mandala Yoga Mat (4-6mm)

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Looking for a yoga mat that is as artisanal as it is functional?

With a dual Mandala design, our Mandala Yoga Mat is the best choice for a conscious and powerful practice. It has various dimensions of the stable anti-slip surface to deepen your everyday yoga practice. 

Key Features

1. Multiple levels of premium cushioning for superior balance, support, and comfort.
2. Anti-perspiration and anti-slip surface for those who love to sweat.
3. Made from high-quality natural cork to protect you and the planet.
4. Durable and easy to clean and care for.
5. PVC-free and latex-free.

Why did we choose

Cork and TPE:
1. Extremely durable.
2. Naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal.
3. Odor and sweat-resistant.
4. Ultra lightweight.
5. Hypoallergenic.
6. Eco-Friendly.

Did you know?
Mandala(Sanskrit) means circle/essence(English). Mandala is a geometric design, often circular, that symbolizes the universe. In yoga, a mandala is a visual tool that helps focus attention during meditation.

How to use

The Different Dimensions:
1. The 4mm mat is excellent for those in a strong, flowing practice. They allow solid contact with the floor, which helps with stability during a variety of poses.
2. The 5mm and 24'' mat is standard and great for all levels of practitioners, especially beginners.
3. The 6mm mat is great for sitting poses, meditation, restorative, yin, and therapeutic practices. This mat gives extra cushioning to your joints and muscles.
4. The 26'' is great for those who want extra space on the sides.

During Meditation:
1. Seated at the edge of the mat using the mandala as a focal point for your gaze. Continue your meditation with your eyes open and a soft gaze toward the mandala. As your meditation progresses your eyelids may feel heavy and you may want to close your eyes. You can continue your meditation with your eyes closed and you find your thoughts taking over you can open your eyes, focus on the mandala center again and come back to your breath. You can repeat this process throughout your meditation.
2. Seated in the center of the mat with the mandala underneath you as your center point. This will create an energy center for your meditation. You can choose to practice with your eyes closed if you are seated on the mat.

Care Information

Dab a soft cloth on cold water and gently wipe down the mat with the damp cloth and then let it air dry before you roll it up and put it away. Be careful not to damage your mat by scrubbing it hard with an abrasive sponge.
If your mat looks stained or it needs a deep cleaning, you could make your own cork mat cleaning spray with vinegar, tea-tree oil, and water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Julie Carol
Cork Mat 💜💜💜 I love it!!!

I enjoy yoga outside on my deck. The cork did not retain the heat and burn my feet! The mat is absolutely gorgeous! The company was easy to deal with and kept me informed of the shipping process. It was packaged well too!! Love it!!!

Joel Murphy

Real cork, decent quality, size as described
The bag is too big

Rosella Kozey

very good quality, and beautiful

Brionna Hintz

All right... Good quality and does not slip. It weighs little and is comfortable.

Kiarra Powlowski

Nice mat, it's amazing, it's so thin, it's nice to sit on, you can't feel the floor with your ankle.