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HEAL GROW | Yoga Meditation Inspiration Poster

HEAL GROW | Yoga Meditation Inspiration Poster

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Set your space apart by adding a message that not only inspires you but also makes you feel that you're healing and growing.

Note: You can use the design only for personal use, not commercial use.

Key Features

1. Available in 3 formats - A3 no frame poster, A3 black frame poster, and A3 white frame poster.
2. Artisanal inspiration for meditation.
3. Artwork is printed on 300 GSM high-quality art board paper.

Why did we choose

1. Sends an inspiring message.
2. Inspires a calm and soothing environment.
3. Acts as a de-stressor.

How to use

Hang them in your home or yoga studio, and let its soothing Om wash over you as you relax mindfully.

Care Information

Once you have your posters in hand, take care of them and do not allow them to get dirty, wrinkled, or torn.

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Everytime you purchase from us, we donate 1% of the sale to Active Minds, an organisation that focuses on mental health awareness of young adults.