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Fit For You Water Bottle (600ml)

Fit For You Water Bottle (600ml)

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When you're going out for an intense workout or just lounging at home, it's important to stay hydrated. That's why we've created the Fit For You Water Bottle. This 600 ml bottle features two types of twist-on caps attached with a carabineer clip that makes it easy to drink from on any occasion.

The twist-on cap with a handle seals tightly, keeping your water fresh and preservative-free. The sipper cap makes it easy to drink from when you're out and about. Plus, it's compatible with cup-holders.

Now that's smart drinking!

Key Features

1. Made of stainless steel.
2. Two types of twist-on caps attached with a carabineer clip, easy for drinking on different sports occasions.
3. Cup-holder compatible. The high-temperature liquid is not recommended to prevent burns.

Why did we choose

Stainless Steel:
1. Great long-term investments.
2. Free of chemicals.
3. Keeps your water pure.
4. Requires fewer resources and less energy.
5. Doesn’t retain flavors.

How to use

Drink directly from the mouth of the lid.

Care Information

Add warm water and a few drops of dish soap to your water bottle. Now screw on the top and shake well. Rinse the bottle out and leave it open to air-dry overnight.

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