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Classic Two Style Yoga Mat (6mm)

Classic Two Style Yoga Mat (6mm)

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Yoga is believed to be an exercise for the body and mind, but with our yoga mat, you can add a little prana into your practice too.

With our TPE yoga mat, you get two things in one: a dynamic and popping practice that helps you reach your full potential while maintaining exceptional durability and ease of use. In addition to its soft yet supportive surface, this mat boasts anti-slip properties that are sure to keep your footing secure while working out.

Get ready to feel the benefits of a conscious fitness practice with our Classic Two Style Yoga Mat!

Key Features

1. Premium cushioning of 6 mm for superior balance, support, and comfort.
2. Anti-perspiration and anti-slip surface for those who love to sweat.
3. Made from high-quality TPE to protect you and the planet.
4. Tear-proof material offers high durability.
5. Easy to clean and care for.
6. PVC-free and latex-free.

Why did we choose

1. Extremely durable.
2. Naturally anti-microbial.
3. Odor and sweat-resistant.
4. Ultra lightweight.
5. Hypoallergenic.
6. Eco-Friendly.

How to use

1. The 6mm thickness is perfect for those with bone or joint pain and who are truly uncomfortable unless they have a lot of cushioning. Use the 6mm mat for sitting poses, meditation, restorative, yin, and therapeutic practices. This mat is good for all levels of practitioners, especially beginners.
2. The 24'' mat is standard and made for all levels of practitioners.

Care Information

Mix vinegar, water, and tea tree oil. Liberally spray down on top of the mat with it, and let it sit for a while. Wipe it, and allow it to air-dry indoors.

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