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Classic Cylindrical Yoga Meditation Bolster

Classic Cylindrical Yoga Meditation Bolster

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Want an accessible and eco-friendly bolster for a grounding flow?

Made with 100% natural cotton filling, our Cylindrical Bolster is the best choice for eco-friendly and conscious yoga and meditation practice. It provides a comfortable lift with cotton filler to open up your hips, chest, and spine.

Key Features

1. Solid and soft, providing gentle cushioning and support.
2. Kind to your skin and our planet.
3. Can be used as a pillow or bolster.
4. High durability.
5. Cotton filling.
6. Removable and washable cover.
7. Great for back support and back pain.
8. Cradles and stabilizes the back while changing postures and poses.

Why did we choose

Circular Bolster:
1. Improves ease in resting poses.
2. Opens the ribcage for deeper breathing.
3. Encourages heart opening in passive postures.
4. Supports hips and lower back.
5. Increases comfort and stability.
6. Supports optimal blood flow.

How to use

During Yoga:
1. If lying on a hard, flat surface is uncomfortable or if you'd simply like to add a bit more cushioning to your Savasana (corpse pose), a bolster will help! Place it directly under your knees and let your legs and feet relax. Doing so lengthens and creates space in the lower back region, which allows the body to open up and soften into the ground. This is particularly helpful for those who suffer from low back pain.
2. For Supta Virasana (supported backbend pose), start in Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose), with your bolster lengthways on your mat, behind you. Place your hands on the ground, behind you on either side of the bolster. Lift your hips slightly, if you need to, then slowly lower yourself back over your bolster. Relax your arms and allow your whole body to surrender to the support.
3. During Balasana (child's pose), start with a bolster lengthways in front of you and kneel with your sit bones on your heels. Touch big toes together and widen your knees. If this position is too much for your knees, you could try to pull the bolster towards you and fold forward to rest your torso on it until you can relax into the pose.
4. For Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend pose), sit tall with your legs extended in front of you. For tight hip flexors, try sitting on the bolster, and if you need hamstring support, place the bolster under your knees. Lengthen through your spine and gently ‘walk’ your sit bones backward. Place 1 to 2 cushions, lengthwise, on top of your legs, drawing the edge of the bolster(s) all the way to your lower belly and hips. Then, extend your upper body upwards, lengthen your chest forward and rest your arms by your legs as you soften down over the bolsters. Round through your entire back, releasing the muscles that support your spine.
5. In Viparita Karani (legs up the wall pose), extra support underneath the sacrum relieves tension in tight hamstrings and hip flexors. Place one or more bolsters against the wall. Lie on your side next to the cushion, and roll onto your back until your legs are pointing straight up the wall and your sacrum is in the middle of the bolster. (It may take a while to get into this position).
6. In Upavistha Konasana (wide-angle seated forward bend pose), stretch both legs out as wide as feels good for you. To protect the hamstrings, keep flexion in the feet and your quads engaged. Place your bolster lengthways in front of you. Breathe in as you lengthen the spine, and breathe out while folding forward.

During Meditation:
1. Sit on the bolster to take the pressure off the spine by slightly tilting the pelvis forward.
2. Cross your legs comfortably and allow your knees to rest on the ground. This will give your pelvis a forward tilt, which allows the spine to naturally lengthen. Lift up through your spine, roll your shoulders back, and gently engage your core. This supported posture will help you build the proper strength and flexibility to keep your body safe and pain-free.

Care Information

Hand wash or machine wash the cover with cold water and a delicate cycle. Use a gentle or all-natural detergent, never with bleach. Tumble dry low. If you line dry, do not place it in direct sun.
Refresh the inner material by laying it out in the sun.

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