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Breathable Warmth Yoga Meditation Blanket

Breathable Warmth Yoga Meditation Blanket

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Practice yoga and meditation on the ground, but elevate your practice with our Breathable Warmth Yoga Meditation Blanket. Made from Eco-Flannel, this comfortable blanket is perfect for both home and studio use. Whether you're practicing on the floor or in a chair, this versatile blanket is a great addition to your yoga kit.

Use it as a bolster or pillow to align your body during meditation and breathing exercises. Or use it as a shawl for everyday relaxation.  

Key Features

1. Soft and comfortable material: Made of anti-pilling flannel material, the blanket feels fine to the touch.
2. Flannel material, light and breathable, no lint, anti-pilling, anti-wrinkle, and no shedding.
3. Versatile Blanket: Use a flannel blanket to relax, wrap yourself around during meditation or while watching TV on cold nights, and our super comfortable blanket is a great option for a nap at work. Roll or fold it to make a cushion or bolster.
4. Provides extra warmth in your living area or bedroom, and the lightweight design makes it easy to store and carry, perfect for travel and backpacking.
5. Easy Care: Quick drying, easy care and long lasting. 6. Light and warm: Ideal for year-round use, it's just the right weight to keep you warm and comfortable, and light enough to keep you comfortable.

Why did we choose

1. It allows air circulation and helps wick away moisture from your skin.
2. Made entirely from natural fibers, thus an eco-friendly choice.
3. It's naturally warmer.

How to use

During yoga:
1. In shoulder asanas, such as Halasana (plow pose) or Sarvangasana (shoulder stand pose), you can place a folded blanket under the shoulders to avoid neck injuries.
2. In Paschimotanasana (seated forward bend pose), you can sit on a folded blanket to help keep your back straight and prevent the lumbar and dorsal area from curving by moving your shoulders forward and closing your chest.
3. In positions such as Virasana (hero pose), if you feel pain in the knees, you can sit on a block, cushion, or a folded blanket.
4. In Prasaritta Padotanasana (wide-legged standing forward bend pose), you can rest the crown of your head on a block or a folded blanket if you have difficulty reaching the floor with your head.
5. In Restorative yoga poses such as Savasana (corpse pose), lay on staggered blankets to open the chest and facilitate breathing, or during Balasana (child's pose), support the chest and head with a folded blanket to relieve back pain.
6. In other poses, use a rolled-up or folded blanket to improve posture and avoid injuries to knees, heels, buttocks, shoulders, and neck.

During Meditation:
1. Fold it and get a 'meditation cushion' for a more comfortable position for your back.
2. You can cover yourself with it to keep warm.

Care Information

Machine wash, quick dry, easy care, long lasting, no bleach.

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