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Balancing Massage Yoga Column

Balancing Massage Yoga Column

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Postponing your practice just because you feel sore right after? Don't do that anymore! With our Balancing Massage Yoga Column, you can exercise safely and without feeling any discomfort.

Easy to carry because of its collapsible feature, our yoga column is travel-friendly and great for balance training, spinal alignment, and stretching routines in the gym. It's an all-around helper that will help you get the most out of your time at home or the studio with its use in yoga classes as well.

Key Features

1. Kind to your skin and our planet.
2. Improves balance and mobility.
3. Loosens tight muscles and soothes soreness.
4. Lightweight.
5. Easily portable for your on-the-go practice.
6. Easy to use and care for.

Why did we choose

The Balancing Roller:
1. Decreases muscle pain.
2. Improves blood circulation.
3. Maximizes flexibility.
4. Minimizes muscle soreness that often follows an intense workout.
5. Reduces muscle tension.
6. Strengthens core.
7. Improves range of motion.

How to use

For Balancing:
1. If you have balance issues or tight feet, or if this is your first time practicing this exercise, make sure you set your roller up near a wall or another stable surface such as a table.
2. Place your roller on the floor.
3. Stand in the center of the roller so that as you shift your weight forward and backward, your roller rolls in the opposite direction.
4. Come back to a centered position.
Carefully, let one foot start to roll the foam roller forward while your other foot flexes at the ankle and gets a calf stretch.
5. Pick up your front foot and move it toward the back of the roller as your back foot rolls the foam roller forward.
6. Keep taking these small, careful steps to roll the foam roller forward.
7. When you feel like you have rolled forward enough times, switch directions to roll backward. This means that your back foot (which is flexed at the ankle) will be the one to lift and move to the front of the foam roller as your front foot rolls the roller backward.
8. Try to move as far backward as you did forward.
9. Be sure to use something to help you balance if you need it.

For Recovery:
1. Pinpoint the sore or tight area of your muscle.
Control your body as you slowly lower the targeted area so it’s centered above the roller.
2. Lower your body onto the roller until you reach a point of discomfort (but not pain) and hold it there.
3. Hold for 20–30 seconds
4. The pressure alone provides benefits, but you can also roll slowly back and forth to further stimulate the area.
5. Continue to move slowly along the muscle with the roller, stopping and holding in the areas that need more focus.

Care Information

Use a damp cloth and mild soap or detergent. Store it in a safe place where you will remember to use it before or after a workout or even to target tense muscles after a long day.

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