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Back and Shoulder Opener

Back and Shoulder Opener

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The Back and Shoulder Opener is the perfect tool for releasing tension in your body's upper half. Crafted from durable stainless steel and expandable for comfort, it relieves pain and helps to improve your posture. Enjoy a full range of motion with this easy-to-use tool.

Key Features

1. Free Expansion of up to 12''.
2. Corrects and straightens posture.
3. Opens back, shoulders, and chest.
4. Easy to use.
5. Comfortable and lightweight.
6. Can be used by everyone from children to adults.

Why did we choose

Stainless Steel:
1. Eco-friendly.
2. Robust.
3. Durable.

How to use

Use it every day for 10 minutes by pulling the center, rotating 90 degrees, and pushing the center back.

Care Information

Rotate it gently and clean it with a cloth dabbed in soap water once every 14 days.

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Customer Reviews

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Guy Emmerich

very fast delivery. good quality