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Aum Namah Shivay | Meditation Yoga Inspiration Poster

Aum Namah Shivay | Meditation Yoga Inspiration Poster

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Take time out to unwind and meditate. Om Namah Shivay inspires you to connect more with yourself and the world around you.

A poster for meditation, this inspiring piece has your back when it comes to finding peace in all things. Its calming colors and repetitive chants will help you slip into a state of mind where nothing else matters but being present.

Note: You can use the design only for personal use, not commercial use.

Key Features

1. Available in 4 formats - digital, A3 no frame poster, A3 black frame poster, and A3 white frame poster.
2. Artisanal design.
3. Artwork is printed on 300 GSM high-quality art board paper.
4. Calming colors and repetitive chants for meditation.

Why did we choose

Om Namah Shivay
1. Good for meditation.
2. Infuses positive energy and removes negative energy.
3. Acts as a stress-buster.

How to use

Hang it in your home or office, and let its soothing words wash over you as you relax mindfully.

Care Information

Once you have your poster in hand, take care of it and do not allow it to get dirty, wrinkled, or torn.

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